Friday, January 16, 2009

Border Invasion Pics

Click here to see current photos/videos
of illegals crossing into USA. This is and
will continue to be a problem until we build
the dooms day device and set it off in Mex.
city. Once all the Mexicans are dead, then we
can march into Mex. and re-claim it for America
and apple pie. Then we will import people from
South America to do the jobs that used to belong
to those Mexicans.......God save the Queen. 

I don't like Mexicans illegally crossing over into
my American border town with an over inflated
sense of privilege to my Governments storehouse.
If Mexicans would put as much creative energy into
their own countries well being, as they do into getting
illegally across the border, then they would see their
own resources as exploitable and sustainable.
Having the USA and its tempting glitter shinning in the
Mexican eye, is just a stumbling block to the mexican 
people and their own success. They would rather come
to the USA and sponge off its welfare system than stay
in Mex. and learn how to get their own oil out of the 
ground.  They all make me sick!

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