Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moving Right Along

Weblog De Fuego thinks it could do more than 
just to sit around and contemplate its own navel.
Weblog De Fuego has been posting since 2007
but has never been political or informative. 
Its creator, Angel De Fuego, has serious mental
issues from severe bipolarity and can mostly 
only function  as an artist in seclusion. 
Deep depression restricts and confines Angel
at home and this depression comes in cycles.

During the highs (mania) of each cycle, Angel is
creating art, but not commercially. But the cycles 
get worse with age, so Angel goes even further
into the insanity of his mental illness. That means
almost anything could happen on Weblog De Fuego.
Those who already know about Weblog De Fuego
and its completely dark and evil past, have an idea
of what this means. Angel has deleted many of his
dark evil and Achrist blogs. Those blogs were product
of many manic episodes. Anything could happen on
this blog in 2009. Angel has a mania coming. 
It is a law in his cycles, that after a depression there
is a mania. Angel takes no medication for bipolarity
and this gives full rein of the illness to show itself
in full, and thereby be documented.

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