Friday, January 23, 2009

Documenting My Illness

Since 2007, Weblog De Fuego has been trying to
document the up and down cycles of bipolarity.
Angel De Fuego sometimes deletes blogs (pages)
of Weblog De Fuego that were products of his manic
episodes. But in doing so, some of the vital data
related to bipolarity gets deleted also. This example
shows what this means. Those people who got to 
see this now deleted blog, know full well what
this means. Angels potential for looking evil is 
great, but his heart is not into it. So blogs get deleted
that should have been left to study for info about
bipolar cycles. After deleting about 10 blogs that
related to Angels claim to be the Achrist, and other
evil related looking stuff. Angel now feels that he
should have left these blogs as documented evidence 
of his bipolar cycles. The fact that they existed and
were seen, read, heard, and commented upon by
people, is proof alone that Angel is truly crazy.

But Angel is now walking upon a different road than
before. Angel agrees with his new President, that we
all must leave behind childish things, and start to
try to help out more, each his fellow man. So during
Angels next manic episode, becoming the Achrist will
NOT happen. Instead, (though anything could happen)
Angel will try to focus his creative energies on helping
America move forward as a Christian Nation under G-d.
Although Angel will most likely NOT go door to door
with a gospel, he could however put a large wooden
cross on a small wheel, and drag it thru town.

Even so, Angel feels very lucky and very loved by G-d
that he has SSI only each month, to get him by.
That is to say, in light of recent economic events and
the fact that Angels neighbor just lost his job and has
NO income. So being mentally ill and on SSI right now
does not seem as bad as it used to. 

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