Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome To My Cyberworld

This Weblog and all it's corresponding pages
are my cyberworld, a cyberworld of my own
creation. With help from God and Blogger.com
I am able to create all the fascinating pages
and related stuff that make up Weblog De Fuego.

If you are one of the lucky few that get the
opportunity, albeit by chance, to come across
Weblog De Fuego or any of it's related pages,
then consider yourself a fortunate person
and share your good fortune with others by
telling them about Weblog De Fuego.

Why would you do this for someone you don't
even know ? cause, I put the idea in your head.
But that's OK, cause I am not telling you to do
something bad. But if it turns out that you hate
Weblog De Fuego and all it's related pages,
then may I say you should go quickly to the
bathroom, take out your brain, and give it
a good washing.

If that does not remove all the yuk of weblog,
then may I suggest that you take out your
brain again and repeat steps 1 and 2.
finally with your brain once again clean and
fresh, you may again continue on your journey
through this illusion called life. Please take a
number and have a seat, and your name will
not be called shortly. Unless of course your
name really is Shortly, in which case your
name has already been called.

If your name has already been called,
then please stand up, return the number
and leave at once. We will not notify you
about any changes in your case, or if we
have changed locations. Thank You and
have a nice day.


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