Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Three Computer Guy

I use three computers in my daily
activities. I use a desktop tower dell
computer for studio work and for
piano and symphonic composition.
My studio computer is not on line
for obvious reasons being where I
create and store all my original music
and my original sonnets/poetry.

And I have two laptops on line.
A MacBook and Inspiron dell. These
laptops control and run all my Weblog
sites and pages. My job is to run these
three computers, creating my weblog
with updates, creating and posting my
music, and my poetry/sonnets and my
MS Paintings/Art. To gather and store
info from the net and to have lots of
fun doing it all.

Never before in history (until now)
could one person from their home
have access to so much information
concerning everything about life and
then some, and all this, just one click
away. Plus, to write a poem and upload
it and have the whole world be able to
see it instantly on the internet.

If your not in this midst of it, then it
boggles the mind. Even so, it
boggles the mind to be a part of it
while actually being it (making history).

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