Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Angel in Cyberland

Down through the wormhole (dial-up modem sound)
I go, into Cyberland, where everything is smaller
and stranger. In Cyberland I meet a girl named
Ecila, and we travel together through Cyberland.

One day Angel tried to go to Cyberland to see
Ecila, but the stupid wormhole (modem) dial-up
connection was down. So Angel darted over to
his trusty MacBook and connected to Cyber-
land via broadband. But the connection was so
sudden, that the impact of Angel hitting Cyber-
land, smashed him into cyberbits. After picking
up all of Angels tiny bits, Ecila continued her
lonely journey through Cyberland.

One day, Ecila noticed that if she took one of
Angels tiny bits and decoded it by turning it
into HTML, that she could make herself grow
and have access to real computers in the real
world, and one day she found the real Angel
on a weblog and after finding out that he was
married, shrank back down and went back
to Cyberland.

While Angel in the mean time in first world
didn't know that Ecila was in town looking
for him. He didn't care either way anyway
since all this is just made up while I wait for
breakfast, and have nothing else to post right

The End.

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