Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Selling My Creative Power ?

Imagine if I could sell to you my
ability to create beautiful works
of art?
How much would you pay to have
my artistic ability and creative
power ?

If it were only true, but the real
truth is that I can not sell to you
or anybody at any price, my creative
power. It is something that you
are either born with or not.

If you do not have any creative
power, then you don't know what
your missing. And it's best to leave
it at that, since with the creative
power comes all the problems 
associated with it.

Chief of which is bipolar disorder.
You can create without having
bipolar disorder, but the disorder
gives you an Xtra boost of element
X which is always missing in the
ordinary and normal creations.

It's like you can't be 6 feet 6 inches
tall and weigh in at 260 pounds and
make a good horse Jockey. It's best
to be a smaller and lighter man to
be a better ridder.

The same rule/formula applies to art
and creativity. It's best to be bipolar
as an artist then not be bipolar.
I am saying here that if you do not
have bipolar disorder, you can still
but an artist, but as a creator you
might suck. 

Those who have the talent to perform
the creations of others, may not them-
selves have the power to create their

That does not mean that if you
can't write piano music, then you can't
play it either. On the contrary, most
composers would rather have others
perform their compositions than they
perform it themselves.

Some of the greatest concert pianists
in the world, can not write their own
piano music. But that is OK. and very
well excepted.

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