Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hardest Thing In The World

Bipolar Ranting in B flat minor

The hardest thing in the world for me
is to be an unrecognized artist. Nobody
even knows that I exist, and being on the
internet doesn't really help much. It is
really hard for me to have all my beautiful
piano music just go to waste collecting cyber-
dust on my weblog, cause everyone just
wants to hear Jichel Mackson or some
other famous pop star, or rock & roll stuff.
I haven't even mentioned my sonnets.

And worse than that, I am making no
money from my sonnets or from any
of my piano music. It is because of my
bipolar disorder that I can't get out there
to promote my music. The thing that's
ironic, is that it is the bipolar disorder
that creates the music and sonnets.
A catch 22 and then some.

I do not know anyone in the
music business and I am poor. So now
you all know what kind of hell I go
through every day. To make things worse,
my wife does not help me emotionally
and actually makes things worse. :-(
Somebody shoot me please.
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