Sunday, November 16, 2008

We The Mentally Ill.....

We the mentally ill, have no platform from
which to speak. & even if we did, Who would 
listen? I might as well be talking to the 4 walls
that now surround me, & i am. Hello walls,
how R U today? Hey walls, did U know that I
a mentally ill person creates beautiful piano
music? Ya, but U probably don't care!

Anyway, as i was saying, as a person with bipolarity
i am automatically labeled with a stigma, & force
put into a box of their (those who R not mentally
ill) choosing. Usually this box is labeled: Pandora
never open. & when someone does come along &
open said box, I jump out looking like death but
with beautiful art to share with the world.

Does the art give me special privilege? No not really
although it has 4 other artists in the past 4-5 hundred
years. Some artists have even raised up from the gutter
& ghetto, to rub shoulders with Kings & presidents.
So my overall potential as an artist, somehow does give
me a special status among others who R not creative genius
artist like me. & all this of course is all documented through
out history, so how could i be making this up.

Now that we R all clear on this artis status thing & that I
am as good as a King or president, then may i say that
being the Achrist (though manifest as living art) does 
indeed set me at the level of kings & according to history.
I therefore being granted all the rights & benefits of a King
do hereby use my Kingly power as Achrist to declare 
myself insane & to be committed to an asylum nearest U.
Shall we pray:

O Lord God Jehovah, we pray that i the Achrist will be
committed to something & some cause, before it's too
late. What? Forget it!   amen.nema.

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