Monday, November 17, 2008

True Creative Genius Has No Voice

Michael & the Dragon by Angel De Fuego 2008
click here to see the history of this M.S. Painting.

I am silent, but my art screams genius.
Yet no one hears it screaming since it is
hidden in the back of life. Put there by other
artists now famous yet without true genius.
They whisper their so called art, & everyone 
listens. But what R they saying, but the same.

Same ol rap crap same ol rock & roll same ol 
country same ol poetry & the same ol paintings.
My piano music is real genius compared to any
rap or rock music out there today. But since my
style is NOT popular among all the ignorant 
masses of people, then i am ignored for the
stupid simple shit. That makes me really sad.

I am a creative genius who is being ignored by the
public because of this ignorant world system of
petty shit being put on the pedestal of life by big
corporations of consumer products like those found
in every corner market of life. My product is music
painting & poetry, that nobody needs since they R
all already being stimulated & entertained by other
artists who R really not as good as I or offering the
same old thing.

This one single piano piece here speaks for itself
which I wrote in 1997. I have tons of beautiful art
just being ignored by everyone. And that's a shame!

for more info about me & my art problem.

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to U & to read some yourself.

& finally go here to see who I really am. 

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