Friday, November 28, 2008

Open Letter to President elect Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President Elect Barack Obama

First I would like to congratulate U on your victory
& say that U have the blessing of the Lord upon U.
I was very glad to hear that U sir will be the first 
U.S.A. President to have a computer on your desk.
That means that maybe someday U will come here
to my little weblog de fuego & see my struggles as
an artist with bipolarity. Not that I am complaining
about anything but rather trying to explain & share
my story with this illness of bipolarity.

But during the sharing & explaining, I sometimes go
to far while in a mania, & call myself the Achrist or
Anti-Christ. Dear Mr. President elect, please try to
understand that my Achrist self is a symptom of my
bipolarity & rather comes & goes. I am mentally ill
& really pose no threat to U nor your purposes.
With that said, I invite U sir Mr. President elect
Barack Obama, to enjoy my art, which is also a
symptom of my bipolarity.

Your humble servant
Angel de Fuego
crazy artist

click here Mr. President elect to hear my music
& enjoy.

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