Friday, November 14, 2008

Too Depressed to work

Waiting for the up swing in my artistic
temperament, is always hell 4 me.
No artist can work while depressed.
All i can do right now is to entertain 
myself by playing with my train simulator
or something stupid and simple like that.

Depression 4 me is like death to my creativity.
I just hate it. Hopefully this depressive cycle 
won't last long, and i can get back to creating
art again. 4 U people that R interested in such
things as artistic temperament and the creative
cycles of someone like me.......then stick around
and learn by watching me first hand & how I
operate as an artist.

I create when I'm up & I curse and hate when I'm down.
But if U R new here, U should check out my actual art
to get a better idea of what the hell I'm talking about.
All my art Music, Paintings and Poetry R found from
right here on this page.........Enjoy all my art.

Also, I am the only artist in the world that is a master
of all three (3) arts, painting poetry and music. click the
above blue links to see 4 yourself and Enjoy.

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