Monday, March 17, 2008

Why Does He Do It?

For Money? For Fame? For Life?
For Art? Because he can?

I do it from hope, hope that maybe 
one day the right person or persons
will see and hear my art. Art that
speaks a message and stimulates
the imagination.

Art that lives on in my name, after
I it's creator am dead in body.
A beautiful melody I once heard
in my mind, like an angel singing
in heaven. Yes I got it written down
on paper/recorded and now it will
live forever captured by me.

Michael and the Dragon
which I imagined in my minds eye
captured on digital canvas forevermore
by me.

Like ear candy sprinkled with wisdom
and metaphysical metaphors, my
Sonnets are beautiful works of art
each one a masterpiece.

You may think to yourself, this guy
has a store house of beautiful art just
waiting to be discovered by the world.
There is no reason for this guy to ever
be poor, he could sell his art and live
real good. So why is he a poor artist?

Yes, if you are a person that sees dollar
signs when checking out all my Poetry,
Music and Paintings, then please e-mail
me and be my Manager.

I can create the stuff all day long, but I
just can't market it/business.
People like me with artistic creative genius
need people that can organize their art
and get it out to the public for purchase.

That way, we can all make a little money
and try to have fun doing it.
However, as you read my weblog and
start to know just how crazy I really am,
keep in mind that if I was a normy normal
person, without bipolar disorder, then I would
have no art to spark the flame of burning
money in your pocket. My personal
Bipolar Disorder, turns me into the
goose that lays the golden eggs.

Not every single artist has Bipolar disorder,
But bipolar disorder to an artist is like jet fuel
when poured on fire. So Ya! I can be so weird as
to scare you away, but people pay lots of money
to have the shit scared out of them.

Where there is a will, there is a way.
If I am scaring people away,* then I want to
be getting paid for it. Your Job is to find out
how and make it so. No Jesus freaks nor
selfish capitalistic pigs need apply since
I am the goose that lays the golden eggs.

If you have experience working and dealing
with bipolar artists and their manias,
and their Art/Product. Or if you think
that you could handle the job,
then give me an e-mail call.

Nobody is allowd to use any of my art for making
money without me being there, involved and
getting a BIG cut. I should not have to remind
everyone that God is watching us all, but just in
case you forgot! Smile you're on Godly Camera,
and His holy video will be used against you
in His court of law, should you do the wrong thing
concerning me and my art.

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