Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter and the Resurrection Story

Dracula is the story of the Resurrection
of the damned. A life after death after
life story. Couple this with our Lord
telling us to eat His flesh and drink
His blood, you have a cocktail of
resurected Christian vampires.

This picture creates an uneasy feeling
in the gut while standing with one foot
in the grave and the other foot in the
ice box floating up to heaven to be
served as a dish later at the wedding

Like a thick thorny brush you must crawl
through to get home, so is this picture of
us crawling through our own concepts and
ideologies we have of how we think things
are and how they work.

So Dracula is to the resurrection of the dead,
as Jesus is to the resurrection of the living.
So if there will be vampires in heaven,
they will be living resurrected vampires and
not dead resurrected vampired.

Now, if we include the Easter Bunny in all
this, we create a serious mess of bloody
screaming Christians biting the heads off
little bunnies and completly sucking
all their little white bunny red blood out.
Easter Bunny 2
So, we will not include the Easter Bunny
in our little senerio and we will take out
the vampires as well to leave a nice clean
Happy Christian Resurrected Easter.

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