Monday, March 24, 2008

Newly Diagnosed ?

If you have just been diagnosed with
bipolar disorder and you are not
creative like me, then you are one
of the unlucky ones. You will most
likely spend most of your time in
bed depressed and suicidal.

Creating something will be the last
thing on your mind. You will have
no inspiration to do anything save die.
It is best for you to take and stay on
your medications.

But, if you are energetic, inspired,
imaginative and want to create 
something of art or work, and
if you only have rare bouts of
depression, then you are one of
the lucky ones.

There will still be rare times of
painful depression but in the
mean time you will be up and
doing something creative. 

These two examples of bipolar
traits, are basic and the usual 
norm. For the most part, 
people with Bipolar Disorder 
fall under these two categories.

You could have the potential to
be a creative genius, but if your
depressive side is stronger than
your manic side, then you will
not be able to fulfill your

The more manic you are in your
bipolar cycle, then the more creative
and energetic you will be.
Creating art takes a lot out of me.
I often go to bed and rest after
I have completed a work of art.
Scroll down to find links to my art.

A ray of hope is shining through
for those people who have the gift
but cant use it. I have this advice 
for you: Use the power deep within
you to fuel your imagination into
creative visualizations of a better
happier you. It says in holy scripture
"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

If this advise does not help you, then
may I suggest that you just shoot
yourself, and try not to miss. :-)

Click here to go to first church of
bipolar disorder .com


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