Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Demon Attacks

I am being attacked by the demon
Asmodeus as I try and paint him
in one of his most famous scenes:
Raphael et Asmodeus from the
Catholic Bible . Tobit 8: 1-3

I can see him out of the corner
of my eye, and the more I work
and shape his form, the more I
see of him. He is trying to make
me hate my wife, and the more
I see her the more I hate her.

Right now to me, she is just an
ugly stupid little witch bitch.
one of his Jobs is to conceal a wife's
beauty from the husband, and let me
just say that he is real good at it,
or my wife has been this ugly the
whole time, and I am just now seeing
it. Anyway..........

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