Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Asmodeus Repellent

To keep Asmodeus acting right while
I work on the painting, I keep a can
of Tuna and a can opener near or on it.

Not for feeding Asmodeus, but rather
the fish is used as a repellent to this
demon Asmodeus. If I burn a little 
tuna on incense, it will drive Asmodeus
out of my house for short periods.

Used as a Talisman, The can of unopened
tuna serves as a means of threat for this
demon into submission. Kids, don't try
this at home. Notice the Tetragrammaton
and Pentagram scribed on the can.

In the world of symbols (see set up symboling)
right now I am holding my own with Asmodeus 
Having the knowledge gives me the power.

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