Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not a Bearded Lady !

Angel De Fuego photo taken, 3-21-08

Even though my dumb Nephew
calls it a dress, I started wearing
a dishadasha this year, I should
have done this years ago. Over
one billion men every day
on this planet, wear dishadasha.

Now I fit in better with the other
billion or so men that look just like
me, even though I live in Southern

Although I am not Muslim save in
the spirit of humanity, I greet wearing
a disha with holy reverence since I am
also a legal Christian Reverend.

I use either a Jewish kippot/yarmulkes
or an Islamic style kufi/tarboush
instead of a baseball style cap.
this is also done as a reverence and
respect to God as per Jewish, Muslim
and Christian tradition of covering
the heads of holy men.

To visit the church I founded and
am also one of its leaders, click here.

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