Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Going Nowhere Fast

Where am I going at the speed
of light ? When I'm traveling
at near light speed in today's
Internet world com system,
it is a little hard to corner at
times and I often flip this laptop
vehicle I am driving at near light

If you get the feeling that you
sorta know what I am talking about
then I really don't care. I'm not
talking to you anyway. I am talking
to my self and writing it down as I
do it. If you should just happen to be
reading this, then that is your problem
not mine.

Now if none of this makes any sense
to you, that is even better. I don't want
anyone making any sense out of anything
that I am not saying. So I am about to
make a 90 degree turn and flip this
laptop so hold on..................................

Ok, I made it. Remember that TV
show called Automan ? and every time
they turned a 90 that one guy would
end up with his face against the side
window ? OK forget it......... Anyway !

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