Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter ten/ and lost chapter 8; verse 1, Dear Brother's and Sister's, Can LIGHTNING Strike twice in the same place? Our Lord God Jesus say's that he can and that he will. After our Brother LIGHTNING reads this Weblog post, our fallen brother will again, strike me down to my second death and last and final banning from MoS forever, by deleting all trace's that I ever existed, and less, as an MoS former Moderator. My final Epitaph shall read: 2,
Forum Moderator
Natural Penis 

Then I shall personally shed a tear for the best friend I ever had on the internet, 
Never have I ever been a forum moderator, DLD gave me that chance, and his right hand man piece of shit sinning human friend, Big shot SHOW OFF, LIGHTNING, who Obviousley practices the mastery and ignorance of a stupid human, and excells at it.  4, My heart goes out to DLD, all MoS member's save for LIGHTNING, and specially for LIGHTNING'S wife, poor stupid little thing, I lift her up to the LORD now and ask that You Lord,  forgive her ignorense, in Jesus name, amen. ISIS Today 9/20/2014 Early videos of ISIS doing beheadings, against our Lord's will.

satanic bible

satanic bible w/ wax Talisman pentacle 

5, The Lord spoke to me and asked me to show our Brother LIGHTNING, what it mean's to be able to channel the very power of God, through my unholy brother,  LUCIFEROUS SAGE. who is also the dragon. Next time Brother LIGHTNING, you will not survive my punishment to you. 6, This time our Lord told me to let you live, but with such a shame, as to shorten your very life span, 7 to 10 years. :-) The Lord also wanted me to add one more link concerning LIGHTNING and what is in store for him.  and the Key of Solamon, which I will use against LIGHTING from now on. Brother DLD gets to go straight to heaven after  dropping his body here on earth. LIGHTNING on the other hand will have, fire called down on him from heaven by me in plain view of men. POOR LIGHTNING SHOULD NOT HAVE JUMPED TO SUCH CONCLUSION'S CONCERNING ME and ykm123321. To late to learn now from your experience.. Thank God :-)

7, Obama will face mission creep scenario with ISIS jihadists.  8 Our Lord would have you keep Obama in your prayers, amen. 9 Dear children of God and my precious ones.  Soon we who are chosen, will be in heaven/new Jerusalem, Hallelujah!

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