Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter 5 verse 1,  Greetings again my Brother's and Sister's in Christ. 2, The ISIS Jihadists have recruited for the dragon, Ahmed Abousamra from the region of France and Amir Meshal from New Jersy USA. to fight all our Christian Brothers and Sisters and to behead them in the name's of their false god's. Our Lord Jesus would that you pray to your Archangel Michael for help concerning this. 3,  Today I shall be taken up into the 3rd heaven to consult with God and all of His begotten and unbegotten son's concerning this matter. Both Archangel's Micheal and Gabreal will be there. 4, The USA President, Obama, has made many public appearances and speech's again concerning this matter, and the Lord and him are working together to fight the evil dragon in the name of Jesus. 5, Our Brother here Jack, is very well connected with USA Government military and has told us here that soon the USA will come to the rescue of God's people by bombing that region with what they are calling nuclear small weapons strategically placed to kill ISIS militants, may they have good targeting in the name of our Lord. 6, My Brother's, remain calm and peaceful and love each other the way our Lord has loved us by setting the example of sacrificing Himself for us and dying on the cross that we may have eternal everlasting life with Him in paradise. 7,  Now I close and say with my own voice out loud, 'May the Father Son and Holy spirit forever be with you, amen.

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