Friday, September 12, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter 4 verse 1,  Greeting's from the Brotherhood in Jesus our Lord. 2, Today ISIS is moving through Eastern Benghazi collecting convert's for the evil dragon who makes his home there. Meanwhile, 150,000 people there have fled that region occupied by the dragon, and another 100,000 have been internally displaced there. 3,  I pray for their soul's in the name of Jesus our living savior and God creator who are one in the same in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 4,  Our Lord would have us remain vigilant concerning this issue with ISIS and their false god the dragon who is also the false prophet. 5, "This Is The War Muhammad Promised us; The War of great tribulation" By their own word's they are condemned, and by their false god allah, they shall burn forever more in hell. 6,  My Brother's and Sister's in Jesus, our Lord has instructed me to tell you not to pray for those ISIS jihadist since their true name's,  only know to God,  are not written in the Book of Life. 7,  @ you can hear their sinful song's which they sing to their false god allah to kill and collect skull's of our Christian Brother's and Sister's to build tower's to their false god's. 8,  In the name of our living God Jehovah, and His son Jesus, I close this chapter and pray for you all, amen.

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