Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Gospel Accorded To Angel De Fuego

Chapter 1 Verse 1,  On this day of our Lord Jesus Christ 9/11/2014, I the humble servant of our Lord, Angel De Fuego, do hereby commence this gospel. Our world is in a present state of evil my Brother's, and our Lord Jesus has instructed me to write down the thing He has shown me. I do not write my own word's here, save for He who has told me, I only write down His word's. 2,  ISIS has started it's rampage Brothers for world domination and the Lord would have us gather together our armies in His name to fight against this evil beast and the great dragon who is also the lying serpent. 3,  Pray together and for one another that you not fall into the grasp of the dragon. May our Lord and savior Jesus Christ always keep you close to His heart, amen.

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