Monday, May 19, 2008

Taking Time Off To Write

I am taking time off doing blogging for a while
to write a real book, not the fake one below.
Go ahead and explore all 40+ pages (whole
other blogs) of this Weblog De Fuego.
You can find the links to these pages/blogs
full of my art from right here on this homepage.
Original piano pieces, poetry sonnets, paintings.
I will still add new art, but stupid little
nonsensical posts about nothing I will not.
After my real book is written and published,
then I will again return to blogging and
this weblog. It will always be my Journalog
and art archive.


Angel De Fuego
May-19- 08

NOTE: go to my blog: First Church of Bipolarity to get
all the latest news about me and my bipolarity with updates.
Also, could someone please recommend me to blogger,
for blog of note, I have (40+ blogs all interlinked) so that others
can find this blog and learn the truth about artistic genius
and bipolarity?
Thank You


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