Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Reality of Hopelessness

My new book

"The Reality of Hopelessness is the worst
book never written".
anonymous NEW YORK TIMES.
Zero on the New York bestseller list.

My new book is about the reality of Demon
Possession and Bipolarity (manic-depression)
and how it is so much better to be a rich black
man with mental health, than a poor mentally
ill white man possessed with the demon of
bipolarity. The poles have shifted. The Rich

black man becomes President, while the poor
white man stays down and defeated on 

My Demon actually did most of the writing.
I would like to thank Satan for his
influence in the creation of this book, but
I won't. Instead, I will thank God for my
miserable mentally ill life and for the
complete hopelessness that my life is with
this curse of an illness. In due time, I will
kill myself which is the usual norm with this
illness, and then everyone will finally be
free of me, But Not bipolarity. Bipolarity
will always be with you in someone. Only
God can Kill such a monster, such an evil
demon, as this bipolarity that now a flicks me.

NOTE: with respect to Barack Obama, vote for him
Barack Obama for President. I know in my heart that
he Barack will make one of the finest Presidents that
this country USA has ever known. And I'm a white Jew?

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