Saturday, May 03, 2008

Empowered By Disorder

That I am empowered by bipolar disorder
may seem like a contradiction in terms.
But when you really analyze it, it makes
a lot of sense. Creative genius has proven 
to be a greatly sought after power.

But creative genius lives inside of those
who have bipolar disorder and few
places else. So if you have been diagnosed
with bipolar disorder and you show signs
of creativity in the arts, then you are most
likely to be a creative genius.

You too have been empowered by disorder
but this disorder can get out of control and
be orderly to the point of madness. A fine
madness as it is called like controlled insanity.
True creative genius propagates itself to 
perfection without being confined or limited. 

One can have bipolar disorder and not be a
creative genius. About 30-40 percent of people
with bipolar disorder are creative genius and
the rest just end up being a depressed mess.

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