Monday, June 30, 2014

Supreme Court Needs Supreme Court

"WASHINGTON -- On Monday, the Supreme Court dealt a significant 
blow to the progressive movement, handing down decisions in two 
high-profile cases regarding birth control and labor unions."

Given The latest decisions from the 'Supremes,' just having one supreme 

court is not enough and there needs to be a supreme court over the
supreme court. True democrasy lets the people have the final say by vote.

We need to let the people vote on each supreme court decision the same

way we all get to elect our President. That way, we the people get to read
each supreme court decision with all the pros and cons and either take
their final decision or vote for a second or third try until the majority are in 
agreement about it. Then and only then does it pass or become a law.

Or maybe you just want to dance to the Supremes!!!!!

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