Thursday, June 26, 2014

Been Gone A Few Years, Don't Know If I'm Back

Been gone a few years, don't know if I'm back,
But to be back is to have been somewhere!
Yet I have never really left you all,
I've been here the whole time just watching you,
To see if you have ever understood
The choices that you make of bad and good,
Cause and effect, you never had a clue
That it was I who pushed you to your fall,
Then quickly ran to meet and catch you there,
To put you with the others on the stack.

Where you'll be burnt with those forever gone
To tread the river Pyriphlegethon.

Angel De Fuego
copyright 2014


Never mind, it's just a poem, relax!!!!

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the right side. Or just do what ever you
want to do. I mean who the hell am I to
be telling anyone what to do right?

In fact, you may even be thinking right
now 'dude just go and fuck yourself'
and believe me I have tried many times
to do just that. So you see! I know just
how you feel.

And I like what I feel. I like having you
a round, though some other shape may
do as well. You make me happy when
your here with me, and I can see your
smiling face.

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