Friday, June 27, 2014

Negative Ideations About Iraq

What the fuck happened to:
"No Boots On The Ground" concerning Iraq and other such countries?
We are heading back to Iraq like sheepeople to our slaughter, and all
in the name of what, Freedom, Peace, Democracy, Money, Religion,
God, or maybe even Satan?

But nobody really cares why since it is within our (mankind) nature
to kill and be killed. So yes, lets go all the way and just drop one of
our nukes on them before they get one of their own. Remember
Hiroshima and Nagasaki? We did it then and it worked out just fine.

Now Japan is are friend and ally of sorts. Thus Iraq may need to learn
the hard way as well. But alas! they are to smart for an all out attack
on American soil, a la Pearl Harbor. They prefer to sneak around and
try to build a bomb while the whole world is watching.

But it's their attitude toward Americans and the West that sucks and
not just their bomb building skills. I say if they want to eradicate us that
we just eradicate them first. Just going over their and knocking them
around a bit with threats and even putting them in the hospital and killing
a few of them is not enough.

Eradicate the attitude and you eradicate the problem. When the Jewish
God Jehovah, led the Isreali armies into battle, He told them to spare
no one, even kill the infants* He told them. God made sure that there was
no trace of the gene left that led to an attitude of rebellion and blood shed.

So now we just need to give the rest of the world an attitude adjustment
by dropping nukes on rebellious countries until we all come to order.
Now in order to come to order, we must order the order organizer which
organizes what needs organization. In order to do that, we will have to
drop the 'Organ Bomb'

* 1 Samuel 15 1-3

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