Saturday, February 07, 2009

True Bipolarity is Rare

More often than not, doctors diagnose bipolarity
as a means to sell their bipolar drugs. This is
now common knowledge among true bipolar'.
I heard a doctor on the net saying that there
are 6 million bipolar' in the USA alone.
But what he didn't say was that out of the 6
million only 600 thousand are true bipolar
and the rest are just led to believe that they
are bipolar. We all know that doctors are in
bed with the drug makers to push their drugs.
True bipolarity is artistic creative genius, but
the rest are just collateral damage. Victims of
the drug makers and their doctors. According 
to doctor (her math) Kay Jamison who is bipolar 
herself, there are only 600 thousand true bipolar' 
worldwide, and 90% of these are artists.

Read Touched With Fire by Dr. Kay Redfield

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