Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Manias Can Be Golden

When we bipolar' are off our meds and in a manic
episode, we can feel like gods in mind body and soul
even though others don't see it. It's that silky smooth
feeling in my soul, like rubbing up against or touching
G-d feeling that I get at times. like when I know all
the answers to all the questions. Like when my every
thought seems like a glimmering jewel on a platter of least to me. A controlled mania (by willpower)
is for me a powerful tool that has no equal. If it was up
to me, I would always be in a controlled mania, but it's
not up to me, it's up to my bipolarity which also can be
depressive causing stupidity. I have recently learned that
there may be new meds out there that can keep me up
and smart, I hope so cause being depressed and dumb 
is just no fun at all. :-)

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