Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Understanding The Genius Mind.

To understand how my bipolar genius
mind works, listen to my music and
read my sonnets/poetry and this weblog.

You will find me somewhere between
the classics and twisted evil.
I am fascinated with heaven and
hell, good and evil, God and Satan.

My sonnets reflect all of this, and
even my music though with more
subtlety. My bipolar disorder has
me thinking at times, that I am
the upcoming Anti-Christ Superstar.

I do not want this dirty job of being
the Anti-Christ and I have expressed
this thought to God the best I could.
But, at that point, God was not listening.

Are you still with me ? Are you following
what I am saying ? Or are you drifting
off on me ? I am the Anti-Christ!

But I also love Jesus and am a Christian
and have been since I was a boy. I am
also a licensed Reverend without a flock.

All though soon I hope to have a flock
of young spirit filled crows at my command.
These crows will be inspired by me to become
beautiful White Doves for Tetragrammaton.

Go Figure !
Then go join my church.

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