Sunday, December 09, 2007

Atop Fire Mountain

From a news paper article dated Dec 9 2007 San Diego Union-Tribune.

I was there on top of fire mountain
Cerro del Quemado Real De Catorce
Mexico back in 1992.

I collected and ate peyote
and danced around the fire
pit with others in the drum
circle. It was an initiation for me
to a state of higher consciousness.

I had many conversations with
these little old ladies dressed in
black during the night. Then in
the morning upon leaving, I noticed
that the little old ladies (witches)
dressed in black, were really shrubs
and bushes that were there the whole
time green and red.

Click the photos to expand them.

Notice the smiley face cloud formation
in the upper left hand corner of the

The top sketch I did years ago of
a birds eye few of fire mountain.
The man and his wife in the photo
are on the good side of fire mountain.

From the center of the fire pit, to any
point to the out side circle was about
15 feet. A very huge fire pit, and very

The whole place reminded me of the
Sorcerers Apprentice from Fantasia,
and Night On Bald Mountain by
Mussorgsky also from the movie.

The Huichol Indian believe that
from the top of Fire Mountain is
where the Sun was born. Thus
the huge fire pit and ceremonial

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