Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fifth Day Without Alcohol.

This is my fifth day without alcohol.
I usually do a six pack of beer a day
while working on my music or weblog.
Sometimes even more than a sixer a
day I can put away. This being my
pattern for years, I sometimes get
sick from too much alcohol.

After five days of sobriety I start
to feel antsy and drink lots of sugar
stuff, sodas and eat chocolate. But
I feel more pain too. It becomes
harder each night to sleep without
alcohol and I just want to get a six
pack and go away somewhere alone.

But I keep fighting the good fight
and try to stay alert to the coming
dangers of alcoholism while drawing
and sketching scenes from Michael
and the Dragon the symbols of my
ongoing battle with alcoholism.

Go to my :
Drawing and Painting Archive
to find/see sketches of Michael
and the Dragon.

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