Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too Short of Going To Your Home!

I am not going to go to your front
door and knock (on wood) to ask you
for donations to help me create more
beautiful art (music, paintings, poetry)
That is why I am sending these three
little short and cute gyd stooges, to
do it for me.

Click the blue link above to go to my
donation archive and give freely. But
before U do that *caugh* at least check
out my art first here. Don't forget to
stop by my Audio Blog and listen to
some of my beautiful piano compositions.
Free piano scores are offered there.
O ya, almost forgot? To read my beautiful
sonnets. Go to my:
Writing and Poetry Archive.

The post titled End of BlogRun right below
this one. Is a brief overview of my 41 blogrun
thru all my art. Please read it to stay informed
while making your life a LOT easier, while
visiting Webl0g De Fuego.

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