Friday, March 30, 2012

Nobody Listens To Me

The Blowing Wind

I keep telling people I know and people I don't
know that I am bipolar and then drop little hints
that I could be dangerous if provoked. Most people
will get the hint and stay the fuck away from me
and that's smart, but now and then someone will
get into my face in a negative way and push my
red trigger button.

Now I'm not a bomb technician expert or anything
but I do know that when someone pushes my trigger
button then the bomb must go off, unless I defuse it.
It's the defusing it that drains all of my energy and not
the explosion itself.

Containing and redirecting the energy takes more energy
than the explosion and that's why most people just blow
up instead of containing their episodes.

So what am I really saying here.......who knows....who cares.
Just consider it filler until I can come up with an even better
filler. After all it's just all filler anyway and a chasing after

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