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11 Excerpt's From: Sonnets From Adam

Sonnets From Adam

These sonnets have an
rhyme scheme. written
in 1990 by Angel De Fuego

These are the first 11 of 35 sonnets.


I heard the angels singing on that day
When you made me from dust and morning dew
Upon what land I stood I knew not where
Save all at once in Eden I then stood
The garden of my sadness and my joy
Where I first heard your voice and saw your face
And where I first fell from your perfect grace
To end up where the barren lands destroy
And nothing flourishes to any good
Where even the most fruitful land is bare
Yet even though I work the land anew
It quickly dies to then wither away

So I being the product of your hands
Will die and wither as these worthless lands.


Lilith now tries my patience day and night
Insisting to be leader when we dance
This women on top always wants to be
Whenever it is we are making love
And now I see a darkness in her eyes
As if to say her soul is colored black
And that a sense of goodness she must lack
And in her speech I hear the blatant lies
bellowing down from her throat perched above
Which I am forced to look upward to see
Pref'ing to close my eyes with just a glance
While all the time feeling somethings not right

I can not spend forever looking up
At Lilith drinking from her macho cup.


New wife Eve acts lover to the serpent
I've seen her go to the forbidden tree
And console with the serpent night and day
And the serpent wraps himself around her
Then licks her body with his lying tongue
It breaks my heart to see this happening
But nothing I could do would stop such thing
Since you have said that she will do this wrong
Thus causing me to fall a sorcerer
To call upon the stars to lead my way
Through the black magic of my sorcery
Which to creation bears the testament

That my new wife has well angered the Lord
So now we die commanded by his word.


Give me O Lord another chance to prove
That I am worthy of your sweetest grace
Ignoring now the council of my sin
To stand before your throne with purest heart
Giving to you the praise to you is due
Even though to praise you I'm unworthy
Deserving hell for all eternity
For all transgressions I have done to you
Perfecting sin as though it were an art
Practicing evil time and time again
Until my goodness leaves no goodly trace
Upon the earth where I have killed all love

Give me another chance to prove that I
For your sweet love am willing now to die.


Was I so wrong to love my precious Eve
Even as you yourself also loved me ?
As I in your own image then was made
So Eve was also in my image brought
Flesh of my flesh and bone of my own bone
So how is it that I am now to blame
For joining my fire with hers to one flame
After so many years being alone
Without her warmth and fam'ly we begot
And all those years alone at night I laid
Thinking away my dull eternity
Without a lover in who to believe

And so you made her from my loneliness
To lead me into all unrighteousness.


So now the women tells me what to do
Like she was the first to be created
And I was the first to commit that sin
I can't do this I better not do that
Or I should do that or I should do this
Plotting against me now behind my back
As If a sense of goodness I should lack
Betraying me to Satan with a kiss
While wearing as it were her judges hat
Which now I've seen her wear time and again
Versing with Satan I am debated
As if who's hands I'll fall in him or you

So now I have to jump at her commands
While jumping to avoid his and your hands.


Again I find myself alone and sad
Since my fair Eve has gone far from me now
From all the disagreements that we have
Which brought me to the point of striking her
As though she were my mortal enemy
Instead of my wife for which she was mad
When still next to my side she calmly laid
And I yet held her for eternity
But alls amiss now a nebulous blur
Without a trace of hope for me to save
My marriage for which I do sadly cow
Grasping for something in which to be glad

It would have been better to be alone
Than suffer now giving her my rib bone.


Fair Eve has been gone from me seven days
Which now seems more like seven thousand years
The loneliness which I alone must bear
As punishment for my rebellious will
Which separation chose itself from you
Amids confusion of my selfishness
Which hinders the scope of my consciousness
And blinding me to what is really true
The view atop of your celestial hill
But now at barren lands and weeds I stare
Which seems more ugly now behind my tears
That flood the valley where my sorrow stays

And until my fair Eve returns to me
Days are longer than nights eternity.


I miss you even more than I miss Eve
Yet now my love for her is ever strong
And she shall return in a few short weeks
But you sometimes I fear I'll never see
And sometimes wonder if I ever saw?
For Eden was for me so long ago
The truth of Eden I no longer know
But it is for your love and perfect law
Which makes me look for your eternity
Beyond the high crests of the tallest peaks
And up to heaven from all earthly wrong
To you in who my soul needs to believe

And though you hide from me forevermore
I'll always search for heavens creator.


I only have myself to blame for this
Pain of all my suff'rage my woe and strife
I should have let the women die alone
Not sharing with her what was forbidden
But I was afraid of my loneliness
To watch Eve die alone would break my heart
I could not from my Eve then be apart
So I gave her my love and forgiveness
And together were cast out of Eden
After I ate with her the truth was shown
Of good and evil and the tree of life
The end of paradise and our sweet bliss

It was then fears lost love did make me eat
The fruit which both is bitter and is sweet.


My spirit longs to soar the solar winds
Between the countless stars that heaven shows
Save were not pris'ner to ill flesh and time
Can only dream of such a pilgrimage
The hopeful questing of forbidden glimpse
Of your own image in who's mine was made
Ere earth was siege'd by evils darkest shade
Where I could still hear your most hollowed steps
Within the garden of my heritage
Where all things had their reason and their rhyme
But there your sweetest breath no longer blows
And where it does my spirit never finds

Unless by chance would see you passing by
Knowing I'm dead or that I'm soon to die.

Angel De Fuego
copyright 1990

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