Sunday, April 18, 2010

In Quiet Desperation

Since I'm bipolar, I can never be sure if people
like me or not. There is a group of people that
I sometimes hang out with, and I feel comfortable
around all of them save one. This guy I still have
no idea how to size up and get to know, and
now I think that maybe he just doesn't like me
for some reason.

Maybe some day I will approach him and tell
him that he makes me a little nervous. Then
ask him out right if I ever offended him or
something like that. I am very shy and always
have been since I was a kid so it is very hard
for me to talk to people.

Or maybe I should just let it go and blame it
on my bipolarity thinking that something is
wrong when it really isn't?

Who knows?

Today was the first day that I have been with
this group in about three months and I had a
good time. Two good friends of mine are back
together as a couple and I am glad.

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