Thursday, October 16, 2008

Evil by Nature....

Happy Hallelujah Halloween 2008 Fother Muckers
The Black House

From the Office of the Achrist
The Black House:

Evil by nature but saved by His grace.....the saving
grace of my blood brother Jesus the Christ and
mighty Tetragrammaton. It does not mean that
i get to go to CyberHeaven.......but it does mean that 
while i am alive on this earth......i get to channel the 
power of the Tetragrammaton as the Achrist who i also am.

"i don't need no stinking CyberHeaven
i like it here in CyberHell...HohoHAhahahohhahaha"

I am glad to just burn 4 ever 4 my creator...and why not?
My creator God Jehovah is more than worth dying 4....
in fact..i make it a point to burn 4 ever 4 Him God as
a living torch in His still living memory. Go Figure!
My name is Angel de Fuego (Angel of Fire) thus i am a living
angelic torch for Him God. So just how much do i
angel really love God?   That Much!

If i the Achrist believe in my blood brother Jesus
the Christ.....then who the FUCK R any of U to deny
my blood brother His due. i will stick up 4 His cause 
as long as i can.....but there will be a point in time
..when i the Achrist NO longer will fight 4 the cause 
of my blood brother Jesus the Christ. That time is 
NOT here yet.

Then....all of U Christians, Jews, and Muslims
will be forced by worship my blood brother
by worshiping your Patriarch Abraham. 
or be beheaded. Any ?'s

Also click here to hear my other theme song.
i grew up with these guys (Iron Butterfly) playing
in the background.

Also to be against me, is to be against God & Zionism.
No further ?'s at this time. 

Also *we know all your CyberSins

* God & I & CyberGod

Also click here to learn about the 
glory train to cyberheaven....maybe
U could be on that train.


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