Thursday, April 24, 2008

Demon of Bipolarity ?

Vampire Devil

After careful study of this matter,
I have come to the conclusion that there is a
spirit/demon of bipolarity that is passed
from generation to generation as so
many other spirits of Gods to his people. 
This spirit can also be a gift
from God, and not evil at all.
Gentiles included since all such
spirits care not what religion or faith
one is as long as there is an opening
and there is moisture, a demon spirit
or a good spirit gift from God
will rest in the body of an unknowing
man or women. Later I will post all
scriptures that my beliefs are based on.

I don't need to try and convince anyone
of this since it is best they don't know.
But I am just passing on info that I gather
in my daily search for knowledge about
why I am a creative genius and am able
to do things that others can't.

So yes, I guess you can say that I am
possessed with a benign spirit.
This spirit allows me to tap into the
ancient intuitive knowledge and to
enter the temple of creation where
sit in wait the muses of beautiful art.

Yes at times this spirit gets out and
rages around town in a mania and
runs up my credit card bill on all kinds
of shit, and has even got me locked up
in jail a few times in the past. But I
have grown to like this guy, so lets
leave him where he is for now until
I can get more info on this bipolar
spirit thing.

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